Terminix Joins Pokemon Go Craze

Pokemon Go is officially the most popular mobile game in history. It has earned Nintendo billions of dollars already. And now it seems everyone wants to be a part of the phenomenon. Termini, a leading pest control company, is one of the companies that wants to be part of the craze. In a creative Facebook marketing campaign, the company calls out to Pokemon Go players asking them to apply for a new “Pokemon Control Unit” that can help in controlling the proliferation of these virtual pests that are taking over both public and private spaces.

Nintendo released the Pokemon Go app in iOS and Android in early July to mixed reviews. There are millions of people around the world who absolutely love the game. But there is also a good number of people who hate it and are annoyed by it. It seems that people who hate the game are mostly composed of business owners whose establishments have been flocked to by Pokemon Go players. There are even individuals who have started anti-Pokemon Go campaigns to stop players from trying to catch Pokemons in public spaces and neighborhoods. But there are also a handful of businesses who are cashing in on the craze. And one of those companies is Terminix.

For those not familiar with Pokemon Go a quick introduction of how it works will be useful. The game makes use of a phone’s GPS function. The objective of the game is to catch Pokemon. The game will tell you where these Pokemons are and with the use of GPS you can then navigate to the designated areas. There have been reports of droves of people flocking to public parks, buildings and even front yards after finding out that Pokemon are inhabiting these places.

If you become part of the Terminix Pokemon Control Unit you can help homeowners to get rid of the virtual pests that are in their homes similar to what actual Terminix technicians do with real pests.
The call in the Terminix Facebook ad is quite challenging. It implies that the position is only for those who have what it takes to resolve the biggest augmented reality infestation in the history of the world. To apply is easy. All you need to do is to fill out the form on Facebook and then send it to the company through direct messaging. What do successful applicants get? They will be well compensated. With Pokemon coins, of course.

Kudos to those who have thought of this very creative campaign and to those who put out the ad in Facebook. They were able to make it seem like the Pokemon infestation is really serious that is really smart way of using trends and technologies for pest control business. Recently many pest control companies started using high-tech to improve their revenue streams, you can read more about current technologies used by industry at pestech.ca. For sure many Pokemon Go players will take on the challenge of being part of the Terminix special unit. Of course, only time will tell if the Terminix campaign will really be successful. But it shows a very clever way of riding with a phenomenon. Well as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them.


Raspberry Pi – Is It Mainstream or Niche?

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer which has been developed to inculcate the love of computer science in children. Its size is that of a standard credit card. It is developed especially for the needs of children in developing countries, such as Namibia.


There is quite an interesting story behind the development of the device. In early 2006, three personnel associated with the University of Cambridge’s computer lab, namely Jack Lang, Eben Upton and Alan Mycroft. They have been observing that drop in student rates in the computer classes, the causes of which were several. However, the three of them agreed to get together and formulate a plan to correct the debilitating situation where children were learning Word and Excel but not coding and programming. They hoped that if children are taught coding and programming. Over the years, the three collaboratively developed the first Raspberry Pi. Continue reading…

Disassembled computer. Dusty cooler and motherboard. Shallow depth of field.

Why Dust is the Enemy of All Electronics

Dust can collect anywhere and most people assume it is just a nuisance. But it is more than a bother if you have electronics in your home or office. Dust can damage your equipment. It can affect your gadgets’ reliability and even shorten their life expectancy.


Dust can cover components in your electronics and make them overheat because it acts like insulation. Dust is heavier than air, making it easier for it to form an insulating blanket on electronic components.

Most devices have several electronic components that are designed to work within a precise thermal range. If these components are used outside the specified range even for short periods, it can lead to premature failure and system instability. Components that are covered by dust tend to run hotter than they are supposed to, interfering with their performance. The dust particles can gather on cooling fans, making it difficult for them to cool internal components in your devices. If your electronics’ performance changes significantly, it may be necessary to dust them. Your equipment can become unresponsive and slow when there is a layer of dust on the components.

Dust can also accumulate in your ventilation system and reduce airflow. Reduced airflow can make your electronic devices overheat and break down. This can happen in any device that has mechanical or electrical parts that require air movement.  Continue reading…


Introduction to Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are steadily becoming a standard part of the motor industry and aquatics equipment. However, many people still don’t have a good understanding about VFDs due to their complex hardware and software composition. The functionality and overall efficiency of VFDs can be greatly improved by understanding the basics such as technology, uses, working principle and interfacing options. Continue reading…


How to Increase the Life of Your Printer

Of course, the life expectancy of a printer will depend on the quality of the brand you choose, however, there is a thing or two, that you are probably doing wrong that will end its life sooner than you expected. So here are few ideas on how to increase the life of your Printer while keeping it in a perfect working order.

Keep it clean at all times

This seems to be a logic thing to do, but it’s commonly forgotten. Cleaning your printer on the inside and the outside will definitely extend its lifespan. On the outside, you clean it with a damp lint-free cloth to remove dirt and dust. You have to do this daily. If you can, clean the inside of the printer; Do it at least once in a month and often if your printer is always in use. Use a compressed air to blow off the dust and debris that might have accumulated. Continue reading…


The Benefits of Getting an Android TV Box

The Android TV Box offers a revamped user experience with its great capabilities, impressive features, and all the awesome benefits you can get out of it:

1. Get Countless Android Apps

You can bring the things you enjoy on your phone right on your TV. Choose from millions of applications available on Google Play Store and take advantage of your Internet connection with endless entertainment. The Android OS goes beyond a TV’s typical use, that is, for watching movies, since it allows versatility with a huge range of activities to do. The Android TV does not limit use for viewing multimedia content, but lets you install games, send emails, access social media such as Facebook, and all other apps you wish to download. You have full access to all Android apps and you can optimize both your TV and internet connection’s full potential. Continue reading…